Club update

We are writing to advise you that, as things stand, we can’t give you a date when we as a club will resume swimming at the Northgate Arena. While Brio Leisure is open at the moment, their strict regime of limiting the number of people going into the water simply would not work for us, as it would require a great deal of organising in order to restrict numbers and to reserve time slots. We have to consider, also, that some of our members need one-to-one support in the pool and given the risks with the pandemic, we would not be allowed to assign any of our helpers to work with anybody. However, you can go under your own steam and reserve a time slot to use the leisure pool by making your own booking arrangements, which would be wholly independent of Terrapins involvement.

Additionally, we’re sure you’ll appreciate that until it’s safe to do so, we’re not able to engage in any other club activities, such as the Christmas party or trips out.

It’s possible that some of you might decide to call it a day with Terrapins. If this is the case and to avoid our having to send out further unwanted correspondence to you, please would you let us know. You can drop us a quick note, ring the number quoted above, or if you’re on email you can send a message to

We thank you all for your patience during this difficult time and hope that everybody will take good care of themselves and keep well.

by Patrick Rooney on October 22nd, 2020 in News