2016 Trophies

John & Callum posing with their trophies.

This Monday just gone we presented our annual Tony Howley and Colin Peacock awards to a packed out pool.

This year’s awards (2016) went to John Pounder and Callum Hughes.

John has been a brilliant Terrapin for years but has been extra brilliant over the last year. Not only is John one of our regulars he has also raised a lot of cash for the club and as we all know – cash is king!

Callum has really started to enjoy his swimming over the past year and along with Neil has been a key training partner to Declan in his road to glory. Keep up the good work Callum.

Well done to John and Callum – here’s to a good 2017.

See you all Monday.

by Harry Mytton on February 3rd, 2017 in News