Terrapins resuming swimming soon!

Brio Leisure, the organisation that runs the Northgate Arena, has agreed a return to swimming on 20 September. Social distancing measures are still in place, so for now, sessions will be limited to 45 minutes and you won’t be able to just turn up. Instead you’ll have to book online using a Brio Leisure card and pay accordingly.

Website link: https://www.brioleisure.org/bookings/leisure-bookings
Brio card: https://www.brioleisure.org/memberships-and-prices/pay-as-you-go

Alternatively, if you can’t book online you can reserve your place in person on the same day before 5pm.

At the moment numbers are limited to 20 swimmers. This does not include helpers, who will only need to book if they are swimming. We start at 7:15 and finish at 8pm, so book early and come in good time if you want to get the full 45-minutes swim.

We will assume that all have been vaccinated and if people feel the need to wear masks we would encourage it. Any changing facilities rules will have been set by Brio, so if you require further information you’ll need to ask one of their employees for advice when you arrive. Lorraine and Diane will be poolside to meet and greet everybody.

by Patrick Rooney on September 9th, 2021 in News